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Brian K. Hahn

Without the help and support of my good and long time friend Brian, the Author of 8bit Micro Systems, my site would probably still be in the primeval development stage.
I have "bent and twisted his ear" and probably drove his patience to the limit, but being the person that he is, Brian has always came through for me.  That's what good friends are all about!


There is a good source of information in the Tandy MS-DOS 3rd Edition (Vol. 2 Advanced Applications, Cat. No. 25-1507) by David A. Lien,  some of which we have included on our site.  This book has a considerable amount of detailed information for the person interested in doing programming in pre-Windows DOS.

History of DOS  

These articles were written by Tim Paterson, the author of the original DOS. So it is the best historical source of the events and can be found at:   Paterson Tech

[ A very young ]   Mr. Bill Gates Viva New Mexico! 

This and other sites would not exist if it were not for Mr. Bill Gates, the creator of MS-DOS and the Microsoft Empire.  

Thanks to all contributors ... from    the Webmaster.