Keyboard Shortcuts and Accessibility
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Before Windows was a simplistic text-based operating system called DOS, or Disk Operating System, the first users of DOS were required to memorize universal keyboard shortcuts to help the user access simple functions with ease. When the idea of using a computer mouse became a standard, these simple shortcuts became less used. When Windows debuted, the mouse was practically a requirement for its access. Those that didn't use the mouse were required to continue to remember their keyboard shortcuts.

Some users prefer to only use their keyboard because their ability to type is much more advanced than their ability to use a mouse. Others find it easier to simply use the keyboard. Some just like using their mouse because it's easier to use than to look for that certain key needed to finish a sentence. For those that would prefer to use their mouse on a shortened basis, we have created this simple guide to using keyboard shortcuts. The most common DOS and Windows shortcuts are featured here.

In the DOS environment, there are a few GUI's (Graphic User Interface), such as Dosshell™  and  Norton Commander™  that will specify and display their own keyboard shortcuts.

Various keyboards name their keys in different ways. If you are unable to find Alt and Ctrl on your keyboard, you may try looking for Alternate and Control. Generally, these keys are located on the bottom row (left and right corner) of your main keyboard area (qwerty).

NOTE:Not all of these functions will work in all applications. Although these shortcuts are universally accepted by software programmers around the world, they are not a requirement for Windows software.

Accessibility Tips

Keyboard Shortcuts For Lefties

There is nothing wrong with being a left-handed. After all, lefties are supposed to be more creative and clever. However, you will find it a pain when you want to use the Cut, Copy and Paste keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V are only accessible with the left hand. Since you are using the mouse with the left hand, would not it be better if there was a shortcut for them on the right-hand side of the keyboard?

But there is! Remember all the old keyboard shortcuts in DOS? It still works with most applications under the Windows "DOS" ( not under the Windows GUI itself, though ).

For Right-Handers

For Left-Handers

Sadly, not all applications work with these shortcuts. Experiment whether your applications works with it or not.